What is GoDaddy Real User Metrics (RUM)?

If you’re here, you may have read that GoDaddy is sneakily injecting JavaScript into your website. Very sketchy!

Recently, website owners who use GoDaddy for web hosting have been complaining of poor performance and slow load times. GoDaddy’s new Real User Metrics (or RUM as they call it) is likely the issue.

GoDaddy says their goal is to provide their customers with high performing products. That sounds great. But, GoDaddy has decided to inject javascript code in to their customers websites which certainly won’t make a website higher performing!

All GoDaddy customers in the United States using their cPanel Shared Hosting or cPnale Business Hosting are opted-in to provide RUM data by default.

The VPN Guy recommends opting out of RUM immediately — and switching hosting providers while you’re at it.

How do I opt out of GoDaddy RUM metrics?

GoDaddy has a hidden guide on how to opt out of RUM on their website. They don’t make it easy to find, so here are the steps:

  1. Access your cPanel hosting account by going to myh.godaddy.com, logging in, and clicking on the hosting account that you want to opt out of RUM.
  2. Click the … button, and then Help us.
  3. Click Opt Out.

Once you click the Opt Out button, GoDaddy’s javascript snippet should be removed from your website and you should notice restored performance.